Home presentations

"These appliances are also fun to use in the bedroom!


Now you and your friends have a tickling opportunity to familiarize yourselves with sex toys, that intrigue us all, conveniently and comfortably even in the privacy of your own home.
You can book a consultant to introduce the versatile toy selection ( according to customers wishes ) e.g. to sauna evenings, ladies nights, bachelorette/bachelor parties, " meetings", basically anywhere that a little cheering up could be welcomed! Depending on your wishes, the presentation can also be organized at our Oulu boutique as a private function.
As well as the familiar and renewed toys and outfits, the consultant will also have with her enjoyable novelties, not disregarding either sex, ( e.g. Shunga products, delicious boy paints and scented massage oils ). Would you like to know exactly how the charming Kaalimato whirs..?   Try out exactly how much more you can be surprised, by yourself or with your loved one!"
Queen Desiree has organized the home presentations of erotic products for over a decade all over Finland. Our main operating areas are Oulu and Kemi, but we do organize presentations to the southern Finland area too.   The presentations conducted in English can only be booked in the Oulu region.   Our consultants are of different age and attain various educational levels but what they all have in common is courage, positive attitude towards life and the ability to be real. Each consultant operates as an independent retailer and they are not employed by Queen Desiree.   Each consultant has their own unique and personal style to conduct the presentations, but the main features of each presentation include vibrators, clit teasers, penis rings, geisha balls, lubricants and massage oils. It is possible to purchase products at the presentation to take home.   Please note that these presentations do not include demonstrative shows.

The pricing


The fees of the presentations are defined by location. There is no minimum participant requirement. Please note that all the fees include a Hostesses Gift.  


Oulu city centre: 30€/whole party
In the Oulu area, outside of city centre limits: 5€/ participant

At the Queen Desiree Boutique:

Other than bachelorette parties: 30€/party
Bachelorette parties: Please see below

Specialty presentation packages

Little Christmas parties!

It is once again time for throwing together little Christmas parties and Queen Desiree offers a fun presentation as a part of the party programme. These presentations are organized at the Queen Desiree boutique and, if applicable, also at different locations in the Oulu area. The difference between these specialty presentations and the regular ones is that each participant receives a Gift! Presentation fee: 30 €.   Presentations organized at the boutique also include mulled wine and gingerbread serving.   Bachelorette parties 10 persons/30 €, 11-20 persons/ 45 €, over 20 persons depending on agreement   Bachelorette presentations are organized in the Queen Desiree Boutique and it can easily be fitted with the rest of the bachelorette party's programme! The presentation fee includes, in addition to the Gift, welcome drinks that can naturally also be served as non-alcoholic versions.

Please note! This presentation can only be booked to be held at the boutique!

Private shopping time for the bridal couple: 15 €

Fresh or seasoned couples can now book joined shopping time at the Boutique. A consultant is present to tell you about the specific products that have peaked your interest! Shared shopping time is meant for the couple who are only just planning their nuptials or whose wedding has taken place some time ago.

Special presentations 40€

Do you feel like your bedroom could use a little spicing up? Does it feel like all the basic things have already been done?  Feeling curious to try something new?

Queen Desiree's now offering special presentations in relaxed kinky themes! Come learn how to practice safe bondage in the guidance of our presenter.



Don't hesitate to call and enquire about the presentations at:
050 - 4683802 / Queen Desiree, whole Finland